Heat treatment line

Heat treatment line

I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces designs and builds automated lines designed to achieve the performances with simplicity and efficiency.

The awareness of the variety of the existing processes allows I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces to support the customer by offering customized solutions.

The heat treatment line is typically composed of several automatic machines connected to each other:

  • Heat treatment furnace;
  • Quenching and solubilization tank;
  • Loader / manipulator;
  • Handling machines;

The heat treatment furnace can be designed and built in different ways according to the characteristics of the heat treatment line: fixed hearth, boogie hearth, muffle.

The maximum operating temperature is 1,250 ° C which can be reached through heating and / or cooling ramps created by means of customizable gradients suitable for the type of treatment to be carried out, in compliance with the required performances.

Heating usually takes place by means of self-recuperative or cold air burners in order to obtain excellent results in terms of temperature uniformity.

The insulating lining provided is specifically designed to ensure optimal performances of the furnace and can be made with refractory or fibrous material depending on the operating temperature and the required process characteristics.

The loaders are divided into two main categories:

  • Bridge loaders
  • Grounded loaders

The loaders of the first type are aerial loaders with bridge or aerial runways. The lift of the charge to be treated takes place with the aid of forks or pliers suitable for grasping and transferring it with stability and safety. Loaders of this type can also be made with detachable forks to achieve greater system flexibility levels or with submersible forks in the tank.

The grounded loaders are loaders with wheels sliding on rails equipped with forks for picking up / depositing the charge.

The heat treatment line can then be enriched with all the machines necessary for handling the material in the various process phases. The automation interacts with sequences of functions for each machine in order to ensure the control of the entire process, interfacing with the company supervisor.

This type of system is designed and built to comply with the regulatory standards and the class of belonging of the furnace that the Customer requires (API – ASTM – AMS – NADCAP – NORSOK).

The quenching and solubilization tanks can be equipped with all the systems necessary for the correct realization of the desired treatment.

In particular, the tanks can be equipped with:

  • Fluid reconditioning system
  • Mechanical stirring system
  • Automatic slag removal system
  • Exhausts / oil vapours extraction system for the oil quenching and solubilization tanks
  • Fire-fighting system for oil quenching and solubilization tanks
  • Fluid treatment system fully mounted on a skid.
The tanks can be fed:
  1. Directly through a loader dedicated to the heat treatment line
  2. By means of a special descender on which the loader deposits the charge

The descenders are made of metal carpentry, designed to support the loads involved, and they are designed and manufactured according to the process needs shared by the customer.
  •  Hydraulic / hydraulic system
  • Electromechanical system.

Field of application:


Food industry

Earth-moving machinery