Movable hood furnace

Movable hood furnaces for heating semi-finished steel products (ingots, semi-finished, products of various shapes and sizes).

The maximum operating temperature is 1,250 ° C which can be reached through heating and / or cooling ramps created by means of customizable gradients suitable for the type of treatment to be carried out, in compliance with the required performances.

Heating usually takes place by means of self-recuperative or cold air burners in order to obtain excellent results in terms of temperature uniformity.

The insulating lining provided is specifically designed to ensure optimal performance of the furnace and can be made with refractory or fibrous material depending on the operating temperature and the required process characteristics.

The fixed sole of this type of furnace, suitably sized to withstand the load of the material to be treated, is usually made with a lower layer of refractory / insulating bricks and with an upper layer of refractory casting.

Peculiarities of the movable hood furnace

The peculiarities of these systems are the mobile hoods, which can be coupled together if necessary in order to obtain greater production flexibility or increase production itself thanks to the use of the double chamber.

To make the coupling between hoods possible, one of the two facing doors is moved to a non-collision position. The sealing of the two hoods, once they come into contact with each other, is achieved thanks to pneumatic cylinders.

The lifting of the hoods typically takes place by means of a  hydraulic or electromechanical system, while the translation is carried out by means of  motorized wheels  that run on rails fixed to the floor.

Automation  guarantees control of the entire process, interfacing with the company supervisor.

This type of system is designed and built to comply with the  regulatory standards  and  the class of belonging  of the furnace that the Customer requires (API – ASTM – AMS – NADCAP – NORSOK).

Field of application


Food industry

Earth-moving machinery