Protective atmosphere roller furnace

Protective atmosphere roller furnace for the heat treatment of metallic pipes and/or bars.

The complete line is composed of:

  • Loading deck with bars singulator
  • Inlet rollway with hood and flame curtain
  • Heating pre-chamber with a set of curtains
  • Furnace
  • Cooling unit (with water jackets chambers or forced convection air systems)
  • Exit rollway
  • Unloading cradles for bars bundles

Roller furnace operation

The loading deck completed by the bars singulator receives the material from the operator and transfer it to the inlet rollway one bar at the time.

The entry and exit vestibules are equipped with accessories such as the aspiration hood and the flame curtain in order to guarantee optimal preparation conditions at the entry/exit of the charge.

Thus, at the inlet and outlet a set of curtains, able to keep the protective atmosphere inside the line, is envisaged

The furnace reaches a maximum temperature of 1,100°C through settable heating ramps based on the type of treatment, in respect to the required performances.

The bars/ tubes heating is realized via thermal irradiation obtained installing radiant tubes. The self-recuperative burners are the suitable burner type for this application.

The radiant tubes are mounted along the walls, above and below the rollway on which the charge is moving.

The partition of the furnace in a suitable number of heating zones allows to obtain precision and flexibility in the field of power tuning in order to obtain an accurate heat treatment.

The insulating lining provided is specifically designed to ensure optimal performance of the furnace and can be made with refractory or fibrous material depending on the operating temperature and the required process characteristics.

The cooling unit can be designed and realized with a water jackets system or an forced convection air system.

At the exit of the charge, the unloading rollway, equipped with an appropriate exhausts aspiration hood allows the collection of the bars or tubes in bundles thanks to the cradles suitably sized based on the loads at stake.

The line inner rollway is typically moved with a single or multiple chain loop coupled to the pinions, managed with one or more gearmotor under inverters.

Access for maintenance takes place thanks to manholes on the roof of the line.

Automation guarantees control of the entire process, interfacing with the company supervisor.

This type of system is designed and built to comply with the regulatory standards and the class of belonging of the furnace that the Customer requires (API – ASTM – AMS – NADCAP – NORSOK).

Field of application


Food industry

Earth-moving machinery