Why choose
I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces

Turnkey and tailor-made

The flexibility of I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces, allows to provide the customer with a “turnkey” product. The manufacturing of the components, the assembly and shipment of the pre-assembled systems, allow the customer to carry out the installation and start-up activities in a short time.

From the needs of the customer, the qualified staff of I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces, thanks to the experience gained and thanks to constant innovation, produces ideas for the creation of customized systems.

Activities carried out in I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces:

  • Engineering –3D simulations – FEM analysis
  • Software – Automation – Industry 4.0
  • Manufacturing of components in our workshop
  • Pre-assembly of the system before shipment
  • Shipping to the final customer

Activities carried out at the customer:

  • Installation
  • Cold tests
  • Hot tests
  • Analysis and monitoring of emissions
  • Achievement of performance
  • Staff training
  • Plant testing

Automation and 4.0

I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces designs automated lines, which allow the execution of the processes in an automatic and repetitive manner with regard to the diagnostics and the operator interface for an easy but high-tech management of the process.

The digitalization of processes with a careful look at Industry 4.0, has resulted in an accurate development of the interface of the plants built by I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces with the systems used by customers.

Ecology and sustainability

Green like the logo is the imprint that I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces has, using electricity from 100% renewable sources since 2012 with the guarantee of certified origin by the Energy Services Manager (GSE) in compliance with the EC directive 2009/28 / EC.

I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces, thanks to constant research and innovation, designs and manufactures its own systems by selecting components with a limited environmental impact, such as ecological products for insulation and products with energy recovery for combustion.

I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces


SO 9001 certification

Quality control is important for every company. It is not only the company management that must be interested in the quality of the services, but also customers, investors and creditors must be able to trust and be sure that the company is managed in a correct and forward-looking manner. In order for companies to demonstrate that they have well-developed quality management, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a standard and related certification: ISO 9001.

Plant qualification

The plants built by I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces are qualified according to:
API 6A International Standard for Heat Treatments in the Oil & Gas sector and conducting Temperature Uniformity Tests
ASTM A991 International Standard for Conducting Temperature Uniformity Tests on Heat Treatment Furnaces for Steel Products
AMS2750 International Standard for Pyrometric Requirements of Instrumentation Equipment and Furnaces for Heat Treatment
NORSOK M-650 International Standard for Heat Treatments in the Oil & Gas sector