Our history

I.C.M.I. is a company with over 30 years of experience in the field of plant engineering.

The company has developed by working alongside companies such as Sottri, Olivotto and Extral, specializing in the design, construction, installation and assistance of plants for the steel and aluminum sectors (with its alloys).

The company structure is located on an area of 9,000 square meters between the production plant and offices.

Amazon History
B.M. Impianti is born

BM Impianti was born, from the initiative of Mario Barachetti who, in an area of ​​800sqm. located in Monte Marenzo (Lecco), builds and assists plant engineering in the civil and industrial sector with skilled labor.

New headquarter of B.M. Impianti
BM-Impianti-Monte Marenzo

New headquarter of B.M. Impianti in Monte Marenzo (Lecco)

I.C.M.I. Forni Industriali is born

I.C.M.I. Forni Industriali is born thanks to the fundamental contribution of Giusy Cantù alongside Mario Barachetti.

New headquarters and expansion

I.C.M.I. Forni Industriali is an established company that has become a faithful partner of market-leading design studios in the field of industrial furnaces such as Sottri (in the forge) Olivotto Ferrè (in heat treatments) and Extral (in aluminum).
In recent years, the company buys new warehouses, changing headquarters and expanding the production area to 4,000 square meters, located in Cisano Bergamasco (Bergamo).

Consolidation of the role of industrial furnace manufacturer
I.C.M.I. Forni Industriali 2012

Two of the manufacturers of industrial furnaces with which I.C.M.I. collaborates live situations that lead them to leave the scene.

This condition places I.C.M.I. Forni Industriali at a crossroads regarding their identity and size.

Continuity and renewal of the company

The prospect of continuity and renewal, guaranteed in the company by the presence of Fabio Ravasio, defines the canons for the continuation of the business as a manufacturer of industrial furnaces.

The integration of qualified personnel (exiting from Sottri and Olivotto Ferrè) has allowed the creation of the internal technical office, with transversal skills in the areas of forging and heat treatment, in the steel and aluminum sectors.

Extension of the production area

The growing credibility of I.C.M.I. Industrial furnaces requires the expansion of the facilities with the extension of the production area to 9,000 square meters in Cisano Bergamasco (Bergamo).

I.C.M.I. Forni Industriali today
ICMI - 2022

I.C.M.I. Forni Industriali is a well-established and appreciated company in the international field of Industrial Furnaces, in the areas of forging and heat treatment, in the steel and aluminum sectors.

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