Ancillary services

I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces is a transversal partner for the supply of plants and ancillary services.

Qualified personnel are offered at the Customer’s service to carry out:
– Scheduled maintenance (Maintenance on a quarterly, half-yearly, annual basis)
– Ordinary interventions (on-call assistance)
– Remote assistance (Telematic assistance)
– Revamping
– Plant re-certification
– Spare parts


I.C.M.I. carries out revamping works (partial or total renovation of a plant) in order to:

  • Modernize a system to make it compliant with the regulations in force at the time of the intervention itself
  • Reclamation of materials considered dangerous or prohibited by current regulations and restoration of safe running conditions.
  • Adapt emissions related to combustion by replacing inappropriate parts (modification of the combustion system)
  • Modify a system in order to increase its performance
  • Replace system thermal insulation

Assistance and Maintenance


Part of the attention of I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces is aimed at the after-sales service, where – in addition to the furnaces it supplies – also the kilns currently operating at customers’ factories are considered.

I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces is constantly updating with the research and development division, it accompanies the customer in conscious and cutting-edge choices to keep their plants intact and performing over time through assistance, spare parts and complete revamping.