The Chamber of Commerce rewarded I.C.M.I. with a cheque for € 10,000.

The Chamber of Commerce rewarded I.C.M.I. with a cheque for € 10,000.

Giornale di Merate 20-10-2009

I.C.M.I. State-of-the-art patent: less material handling, lower costs, more quality and attention to the environment.

A project that allows shorter working time and cares about enviromental preservation It was defined by I.C.M.I. (Impresa costruzione montaggio impianti) located in Via delle Industrie. The Chamber of Commerce rewarded the firm for this invention with a cheque for € 10,000.

“We often see passing on our roads rolls of iron rods – Mario Baracchetti, owner of I.C.M.I. with his wife Giusy Cantù, said – but the material is not produced here. Steelworks are located in the Brescia area, here in Brivio is a firm that deals with the wire cleaning. Virtually, before reaching the final customer the rolls of iron rods must be immersed in sulphuric or hydrochloric acid for the cleaning. This process involves massive handling costs. After a eight-year long research we devised a machine that enables the final customer to clean the wire avoiding the use of acids. Less product handling, better quality and enviromental awareness”. The first four prototypes were installed in Italy, while the first complete machine was sold to a Spanish company. “We are arranging worldwide sellings – his wife added – and are working on an internationalization project that involves regional contribution”.

I.C.M.I. was established in 1991 by Barachetti Mario who boasts 15 years experience in plant design, in particular concerning heat treatment and zinc coating. “At the moment we are working on one of the most important plant in Italy for Ilva from Novi Ligure” the owner underlined. I.C.M.I. has a staff composed of 30 employees and of an on call team composed of 35/40 people.
I.C.M.I. works in Italy and abroad. << “The crisis situation? – Barachetti noticed – we are among the lucky ones who are not suffering it. We have reliable customers and this year we have even hired new staff”. >>.

In the future of the firm there will be a significant role for Fabio their son who has been working in the firm for four years.