Bogie heart furnace

Bogie hearth furnaces for heating semi-finished steel products (ingots, semi-finished, products of various shapes and sizes).

The maximum operating temperature is 1,300 ° C, a temperature capable of guaranteeing the optimal forging process of the parts exiting from the kiln.

Heating usually takes place by means of regenerative or self-recuperative burners with the aim of considerably reducing the fuel consumption and, consequently, optimizing the heat exchange process.

The burners work in pulses and generate high turbulence inside the furnace chamber, making the heat exchange process more efficient and respecting the desired performances of temperature uniformity.

The insulation lining provided is specially designed to ensure optimal furnace performance and can be made of refractory or fibrous material depending on the operating temperature and process characteristics required.

Peculiarities of the bogie hearth furnace

Peculiarity of this type of furnace is the moving sole, composed of a sturdy metal structure and mainly refractory material capable of supporting the loads at stake, all supported in turn by two or more rows of wheels that run on rails fixed to the floor.

The movement takes place by means of a rack and pinion system with a gearmotor of suitable size under inverter. The furnace and the moving base structures are designed and coupled to ensure a perfect seal between the two during the coupling phase

The seal between the moving sole and the kiln structure can in fact be achieved in different ways; the most common include moving sand seals and gravity sealing.

Automation guarantees control of the entire process, interfacing with the company supervisor.

Field of application


Food industry

Earth-moving machinery