Industrial furnaces

Heat treatment and heating systems for the steel industry and aluminum with its alloys.

Furnaces & plants

Why choose I.C.M.I. Industrial furnaces?

Turnkey and tailor-made

From the customer's need comes the idea that turns into a tailor-made product. The experience combined with the flexibility of I.C.M.I. Industrial furnaces allow us to supply it turnkey.

Automation and 4.0

I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces accompanies the customer in the conscious definition of the degree of automation that the plant can achieve, ensuring performance and simplifying the work done by the operator.

Ecology and sustainability

I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces designs and manufactures its systems by selecting components with a limited environmental impact.


The plants made by I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces are certified according to the latest quality standards.

Our markets





Earth-moving machinery

Food industry


I.C.M.I. Industrial Furnaces uses an effective logistics system that can organize exceptional transports throughout Europe at extremely competitive costs.

By performing the pre-assembly and pre-testing in our workshop, we are able to ensure the good quality of the plant and to reduce the time of final assembly at the customer site.

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