Homogenizing furnace for aluminium plates

The plate homogenization furnace is a pit type kiln with material loading from above.

The maximum operating temperature is 650 °C which can be reached through heating ramps created by means of customizable gradients suitable for the type of treatment to be carried out, in compliance with the required performances.

Heating is usually done by means of self-recovery burners, but it can also be accomplished by means of electric heating elements.

The heating is indirect, i.e. the flame of the burners never comes into contact with the material being treated; the hot fluids are channelled into special cavities and recirculated in the chamber by means of a recirculation fan.

The insulating lining provided is specifically designed to ensure optimal performances of the furnace and it’s made of materials suitable for the operating temperature and the required process characteristics.

The furnace is composed of a monolithic carbon steel carpentry structure, with the working chamber divided into independent sub-chambers each equipped with a door, a heating system and a recirculation system; each chamber can be controlled independently one from another.

Peculiarity of homogenizing furnace for aluminium plates

The furnace can be designed with several independent chambers to allow the plates to be treated at different temperatures and to perform the treatment in line with the rolling mill.

A peculiarity of these plants is the possibility of loading and unloading the material inside the chamber from above by means of a bridge manipulator equipped with a manual or automatic gripper.

The lid can be opened differently depending on the degree of automation desired and the available overall dimensions (eg: lifting with pneumatic leverage, lid that can be detached and moved with a bridge crane, rotating lid on pivot, etc …).

The loading and unloading of the furnace is completely automatic and takes place by means of a machine (automatic overhead crane with ad hoc gripper) suitably designed and sized according to the weight and dimensions of the load.

Automation guarantees control of the entire process, interfacing with the company supervisor.

This type of system is designed and built to comply with the regulatory standards and the class of belonging of the furnace that the Customer requires (AMS – NADCAP).

Aluminium plates homogenization furnace.

Aluminium plates homogenization furnace.

8 independent chambers in a single automated plant.

Flexibility and energy saving at the customer’s service.

Field of application:


Food industry

Earth-moving machinery